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We keep up our dream and the spirit of tradition
and we seek perfection in every detail


The key:
To keep up the dream, the spirit of tradition and to get close to perfection in every detail, as in 1960.

Our secret:
The delicate five-day long smoking process followed by Domínguez, a process which we will continue protecting, as we protects the best works of art.

The difference:
The most demanding palates say, “Thanks to its delicate taste and the lightness of its flavours, Domínguez evokes the most delicate aromas. This exquisite result, the fruit of a smoking process that cannot be equalled, should be described as “aromatically smoked Domínguez”.

A true fact:
Our house boasts of cutting experts that have been trained, for over 10 years, in the skill of cutting with a knife.
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