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Marinated salmon

Marinated salmon

Superior quality salmon and fresh dill from Europe’s most exclusive crops are melted under the premises of time and temperature. Our marinated salmon translates into pure harmony between land and sea. A delicate mouthful with a different and special aroma.



1.6 - 2 kg

30 days




100 g (box of 6)

30 days



In order to maintain all the nuances and organoleptic virtues of the Dominguez product, it is important to bear in mind some keys to preserving and cutting, in order to always enjoy the products as freshly prepared.



In order for our products to maintain their perfect harmony of flavour, freshness and texture, they must always be preserved between 0ºC and 5ºC.

It is advisable to place them in the lower part of the refrigerator, generally used for preserving fresh food.

Avoid folding the container or placing any element on it, no matter how light, so that the pressure does not modify the original texture of the product. They must be protected from direct sunlight.

It is advisable to take the products out of the fridge just before they are going to be consumed, as well as to put the remaining products that are not going to be consumed away again as soon as possible. In this way, you can prevent it from drying out and losing its freshness.

Our products should never be frozen because they would lose a lot of flavour, their texture would be altered and their special nuances would be modified.

Preservation once opened: The best way to keep a Dominguez product in perfect condition, once opened, is to wrap it completely in plastic wrap or aluminum foil



In the case of whole smoked pieces, it is advisable to follow certain recommendations to achieve a subtle and balanced cut, either as a slice or loin.

  • The base: the smoked product needs to be placed on a completely flat and firm board or surface.
  • The knife: the best option is for it to be honeycomb, because the cavities or alveoli on the blade make it easier to separate the slice or loin, thanks to the air chamber that is created between the product and the knife. If you do not have one with these characteristics, an elongated one (ham type) will also work perfectly well. In any case, it is very important for it to be very well sharpened.
  • Carving: when cutting we can help ourselves –with the free hand that we are not using for the knife– with rounded tweezers, a table knife or simply the same hand by pressing the sides of the product lightly. The only thing we should avoid is using anything sharp, such as a fork or a pointed knife, as they will aid the smoked product in breaking apart.
    • The slice is usually cut according to the tastes of each person and depending on how it is going to be consumed, although, in general, the thinner and more delicate the cut, the more pleasant on the palate.
    • In the loin cut, the greater the thickness, the more remarkable all the Domínguez qualities will be. Its texture and juiciness allow quite thick cuts, although we recommend from 2 to 2.5 cm approximately.

El mejor salmón ahumado del mundo

En su ahumado radica buena parte del secreto de su aroma y su sabor. Aconsejan tomarlo solo para apreciar su textura y tersura o con un toque de huevo o patata.

Seeking perfection in every detail

Ahumados Domínguez began its history in 1960, going on to become Spain’s pioneering smoked salmon company. A large part of its current value rests on preserving its traditional smoking method.

The essence of the company is experience

Innovation has marked the history of Domínguez, it is in our DNA

The finest salmon

A true delicacy which is best eaten on its own, in order to enjoy all of the flavour

Food for exquisite palates

We bet on the winning horse: supreme smoked salmon by Ahumados Domínguez, from fish weighing up to 13 kilos, carefully raised for 14 months, 100% handcrafted.

Aroma of salmon at Ahumados Domínguez

Pedro Mestanza heads this family firm with 56 years of history behind it



Marinated salmon is a food highly prized not only for its flavour and texture, but also for its excellent dietary qualities, which help us to improve our health and prevent disease. The most notable of these is its high content of omega-3 fatty acid, a type of unsaturated fat also known as ‘good fat’ because of its many benefits for our organism. Among other things, omega-3 acid is believed to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels; improve blood fluidity; stimulate brain function and its anti-inflammatory function, which helps to prevent cardiovascular accidents.

But this type of fish is not only beneficial at the cardiovascular level. Its unique combination of calcium and vitamin D helps strengthen the skin and bones, increasing bone density and facilitating their absorption, which is ideal for preventing and acting against osteoporosis.

Additionally, salmon contains hard to find oligoelements which are essential for our health, including vitamins A, D, B3, B6 and B12, selenium and magnesium, this last being a very important element for the functioning of our intestine and nervous system.

Marinated salmon also boasts a high protein content, specifically, 25.4 g of protein for every 100 g of salmon. This makes it a very complete food, perfect for muscle development, which is crucial for the stages when growth is essential, such as childhood, adolescence and pregnancy.

Among the other nutrients found in marinated salmon are iron, calcium, fibre and potassium. In short, marinated salmon has all the properties necessary to make a key part of our diet.