The world's only aromatised salmon

Ahumados Dominguez

Because we have stuck to the same values as we have had since the start and because of the passion that we put into our products, Domínguez now regarded as one of the Jewels of Haute Cuisine.


When he was only 17 years old, our founder, Mr. José Mestanza, set off to the Asturian rivers in search of fresh salmon to fulfil his dream of creating a very special, and very different kind of smoked salmon.

His daring passion meant that, after months of intense work, he produced a smoked salmon that seemed aromatised rather than smoked, and all because of the surprising delicacy and lightness of its nuances.

From there, he began to market it under the name of Ahumados Domínguez, in honour of his mother's maiden name. It was not long before it was on the menus of the best restaurants in Spain.
José Mestanza fundador de Ahumados Domínguez


We have kept the smoking method devised by our founder intact and in utmost secrecy for more than 60 years. Throughout this journey, our smoked salmon has become firmly established as a benchmark of haute cuisine and Ahumados Domínguez has continued to grow, and never swaying from its foundational values: totally handcrafted production and utmost quality.

Despite having evolved and grown over several decades, at Domínguez each salmon is still prepared as if it were the only one of the day, because that is the only way to offer the indisputable guarantee that our brand conveys.
Fábrica Ahumados Domínguez


Ahumados Domínguez is currently regarded as one of the Jewels of Haute Cuisine and is an absolute benchmark in the premium food sector.

Our quest for continuous improvement is what has made us pioneers in production and leaders in innovation, keeping up with all the different gastronomic trends and the constant changes in the market.

The way forward for our brand is to keep all our values and goals intact, while evolving all aspects of our business towards a truly sustainable environment.
Productos nuevos de Ahumados Domínguez


Food safety is part of our DNA

At Ahumados Domínguez we guarantee maximum food safety by carrying out rigorous quality controls throughout the entire production process.

Our team of experts controls and analyses, on a daily basis, all the stages of our production process, thus ensuring the maximum safety and quality of our products.

Ahumados Domínguez possesses the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 awarded by AENOR. A standard of recognised prestige worldwide and the most demanding for food companies.

That’s because food safety and quality have been an inherent part of our DNA since 1960.

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